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What should you do if you are accused of robbery in Brisbane?

If the police accuse you of a robbery, you must get urgent expert legal advice as soon as possible. Robbery is a complex area of law and if you are found guilty, the penalties are big. If you are facing a charge of robbery and want expert legal advice, contact our office on (07) 3153 6215 ASAP. We will help you achieve the best outcome for your case.


What is robbery in Brisbane?

Section 411 of the Criminal Code makes it a crime to commit a “robbery”.

For the prosecution to prove a robbery has occurred, they must prove: –

  • You stole something; and
  • At the time you stole the thing, or immediately before, or immediately after the time you stole it;
  • You used or threatened to use actual violence to any person or property in order to:
    • obtain the thing; or
    • to prevent or overcome resistance to it being stolen.


What is the maximum sentence for a robbery in Brisbane?

Robbery is an indictable offence only. This means only the District Court or Supreme Court can deal with the offence. The maximum penalty in Brisbane for robbery ranges from 14 years imprisonment to life imprisonment.


When will the maximum sentence increase for a robbery in Brisbane?


There are three scenarios where the maximum penalty for a robbery increases to life imprisonment. These are:

  • If you were armed or pretended to be armed with any dangerous or offensive weapon or instrument.
  • You were in company with another person/s at the time of the robbery; or
  • If, at or immediately before or immediately after the time of the robbery, you wounded or used any other personal violence to any person.


The Court in determining the penalty to impose will consider if such things as the following were present:

  • If the victim was vulnerable.
  • The number of persons involved in the robbery.
  • The role you played in the robbery.
  • The value of the property stolen.
  • If the robbery took place at night.
  • If you wore a disguise during the robbery.

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