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We are a Brisbane criminal law firm serving the people of

Brisbane and South-East Queensland providing expertise in

defending individuals accused of criminal offences.

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When your freedom and future are on the line, our criminal lawyers are here to fight for you, protect you and your rights. We know a conviction for a criminal offence can be a life-changing event and can have significant consequences for you.

Experts in Criminal Law 

Our lawyers are experts in criminal law. They do not represent clients charged with criminal offences once in a while; they do this every day. Our lawyers have the knowledge, skills and experience to represent you in any criminal case.



We are a result focused firm. We aim to achieve clients the best result for their individual case. To achieve this, our lawyers take the time to prepare cases, so no stone is left unturned.



We are a client-focused firm. We are committed to ensuring clients receive an excellent service.  We pride ourselves on our lawyers having frequent contact with clients so they are kept updated with their case. Our lawyers take the time getting to know you and finding an outcome that will help you move on with your life.



Our lawyers use plain English. We will not confuse you with legal jargon, we aim to ensure you understand everything we tell you.



We understand being charged with a criminal offence may be a daunting experience for you. You probably have many questions about what will happen next. Our job is to make sure you understand everything happening in your case. To ensure we achieve this, we guide you through the criminal process. Each step of the way will be explained to you, so you know what is happening.



The advice we give you will be upfront and frank. We do not sugarcoat things. If we think you should challenge the charges, we will tell you. If we think the best outcome for you is to plead guilty, we will also tell you this. Our job is to achieve you the best result for your situation. The best way to do this is telling you how we see it. This way you can make informed decisions.



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