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What to do if you are accused of a drug offence in Brisbane


If you are charged with a drug offence, you need advice from Brisbane criminal lawyers who are experts in drug offences. These cases are serious, and this complex area of law can lead to life-changing penalties. The Courts actively use the penalties they hand out as a deterrent to other persons. You need nothing less than an expert drug lawyer to defend you in Court. Our Criminal Lawyers Brisbane team have significant experience in drug cases. They will look at your case closely to build a strong defence to make sure you get the best outcome for your case.  Contact our team today on (07) 3172 7100 and protect your future.


What are the common drug offences in Brisbane?


There are many common drug offences in Brisbane, Queensland and these are contained in the Drugs Misuse Act. At the lower end of the scale of drug offences, someone may be caught by police with a small amount of cannabis. At the other end of the scale, a person may be caught by police carrying on the business of selling methylamphetamine to other persons.


The most common drug offences the Courts see are: –


  • Possessing a dangerous drug.
  • Supplying a dangerous drug.
  • Trafficking in a dangerous drug.
  • Producing a dangerous drug.

What Drug Cases Can We Help You With?

Possessing a Dangerous Drug

Possessing Things

Producing a Dangerous Drug

Trafficking in a Dangerous Drug

Permitting Use of Place

Receiving or possessing property obtained from trafficking or supplying

Supplying a Dangerous Drug

Possession of a prohibited combination of items

Possessing a relevant substance or thing

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