Have you been accused of a sexual offence in Brisbane and need urgent help? The Criminal Lawyers Brisbane Group team is here and ready to help you.

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Discreet Lawyers

Being accused of a sexual offence in Brisbane can be stressful. Merely being accused of a sexual crime can damage a person’s reputation. Our lawyers appreciate the delicate nature of sexual offences and believe in ultimate discretion.

How We Can Help You

You must hire a lawyer with experience in sexual cases. Being convicted of a sexual offence can be a life-changing event. Our lawyers have much experience acting for clients charged with sexual crimes. They will give you expert and sensitive advice during this difficult time.

If you or a family member are accused of a sexual offence, contact us immediately at (07) 3153 6215 for legal advice. Our sexual offence lawyers are here and ready to help you and explain what happens in these cases.


 What if the accusations are false?

Whatever you do, do not contact the complainant or speak to the police about the allegations. Before you do anything, contact our office on (07) 3153 6215 and talk to an expert sexual offence lawyer.


Should you speak to the police even if you have done nothing wrong?

You should not speak to the police and tell them your story. We understand you are innocent, and you want to tell the police your side of the story to clear your name. But speaking to the police before speaking to a criminal lawyer is dangerous.

If police contact you, call our office on (07) 3153 6215 and get advice from a criminal lawyer.

If police contact you, call our office on (07) 3153 6215 and get advice from a criminal lawyer.

Sex Offences We Can Help You With

Distributing Intimate Images

Distributing Prohibited Visual Recordings

Indecent treatment of a child under 16

Maintaining a sexual relationship with a child

Possessing Child Exploitation Material

Threats to distribute intimate image or prohibited visual recording

UCK- Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

Criminal Lawyers Brisbane Group- The Sexual Offence Experts

If police charge you with a sexual offence, the best thing you can do is arm yourself with a criminal defence lawyer. But not any criminal lawyer. You want a criminal lawyer whose primary practice is sexual offences. At the Criminal Lawyers Brisbane Group, we focus on crimes involving sex, drugs and, no, not rock and roll, but fraud.

You need the best Brisbane criminal lawyers if you want the best result. Contact the Criminal Lawyers Brisbane Group today for confidential expert advice. We represent clients throughout South-East Queensland. No matter where your criminal charge is, our sex crime lawyers can help you.

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