When police charge a person with a criminal offence, they will prepare a document called a Court Brief, commonly referred to as a QP9 Court Brief. This is one of the first documents a criminal lawyer will want to see before they give you any advice in relation to the offence you are charged with. A criminal lawyer will want to see this document because it sets out: –


  1. The offence.
  2. The date of the alleged offence.
  3. The facts (what police say you did) police rely upon to prove

the offence.

  1. Any damage they allege you have caused.
  2. If the police say you have co-operated with them.


If you have a criminal lawyer representing you, they should ask the prosecution to give this document to them before your court date. By them having this document before your court date can help determine what may happen with your case. If you only get this document on your first court date, it is likely your lawyer will need an adjournment so they can review the QP9 Court Brief and give you advice.


For most cases finalised in the Magistrates Court, the QP9 Court Brief is the only document police prepare in relation to an offence a person is charged with. 


Below is an example of what a Qp9 Court Brief looks like.

Qp9 Court Brief Page 1
Qp9 Court Brief Page 2
QP9 Court Brief Page 3

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