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What should you do if you have been charged with trafficking in a dangerous drug in Brisbane?

If you have been charged in Brisbane with trafficking in a dangerous drug, then you need help. The penalties handed down by the Courts are severe and they can often result in people being sent to prison. When facing a charge of trafficking, you want to have an experienced drug lawyer on your side. Our criminal lawyers often represent clients charged with drug trafficking. They have represented clients at various levels of the food chain. Our Brisbane drug lawyers have the experience, knowledge and skills to achieve you the best outcome.


What is trafficking in a dangerous drug?


In Queensland, section 5 of the Drugs Misuse Act  says it is unlawful for a person to “carry on the business of trafficking in a dangerous drug”. There is no definition of what it means to “carry on a business”. So, what does it mean? Generally, there does need to be more than one sale of a dangerous drug. The Courts have identified that trafficking conveys the notion of trading in or dealing with and to mean to knowingly engage in the movement of dangerous drugs from the supplier to the end user. There are various things the Courts look for in determining if a person is carrying on a business. For example, such things include:

  • Having customers who purchased the drug. However, there does not need to be an exchange of money.
  • Advertising drugs for sale (e.g. on the Internet on such websites as Craigslist, SMS text messages or other messaging services such as FaceBook).
  • Selling drugs.
  • Arranging to receive or deliver drugs.
  • Negotiating to purchase drugs.
  • Communicating with potential buyers.

What are the penalties for trafficking in a dangerous drug in Brisbane?

The maximum penalty for trafficking in a dangerous drug is 25 years imprisonment.

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