7 Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Facing criminal charges alone can be overwhelming and daunting. The legal system is complex, and the consequences of being convicted can be life-changing. Engaging a criminal lawyer to battle for you in these difficult times can make a big difference to the outcome of your case.

If you do not get competent legal advice, you may decide to represent yourself in Court. This may result in you being convinced to plead guilty resulting in you getting a criminal history. This may have been avoided if you had got legal advice from a criminal lawyer. Do not make this mistake.

Good criminal lawyers have years of training and experience in criminal law. They can analyse evidence and decide if there is any potential defence open to a client. A case on the face of it may appear to be a strong one against you, but to a criminal defence lawyer, it may be weak. There may be key pieces of evidence missing, a strong defence or a good argument why the prosecution should end the proceedings. This can cause charges to be discontinued, or a successful finding of not guilty.

In this article we explore the reasons for engaging a criminal lawyer when charged with a criminal offence.

Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

1. Knowledge and Experience

When you engage a criminal lawyer, you are engaging a lawyer who specialises in this area of law. You do not want to engage a lawyer who practises anything which comes through their door. Criminal law has its own language and court processes and procedures which criminal lawyers know. The knowledge of this helps them in representing their clients.

Albert Einstein said “The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom.” Criminal lawyers use their experience to advise and guide clients about what to expect and what may happen. While no two cases are identical, they are a variation on a theme. Criminal lawyers use their experience in previous cases to advise clients on current cases. Because of their experience, criminal lawyers can foresee how things will play out. This means they can help clients avoid making mistakes.

2. A Criminal Lawyer Can Help You Understand The Charges

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the offence you have been charged with. A criminal lawyer will help you understand the charges against you. They can tell you what the prosecution must prove against you, whether there are any defences open to you, and potential outcomes.

3. A Criminal Lawyer Will Tailor A Defence Strategy

Each criminal case is unique. A one-size fits all approach does not work. A criminal lawyer will review the details of your case, assess the evidence, and work with you to develop a customised legal strategy. This is sometimes referred to in law as a “Case Theory”. The Case Theory is what your lawyer will use to guide them in defending you of the charge.

4. A Criminal Lawyer Will Represent You In Court

If you represent yourself, then you will need to do everything- including speaking in Court. On the other hand, if you engage a criminal lawyer, they are your voice in Court. Criminal lawyers know the court etiquette and the language used in the courtroom. They know how to make legal arguments to achieve favourable outcomes for their clients. A criminal lawyer by your side advocating on your behalf will ensure your stress levels are lowered and your rights are protected.

5. A Criminal Lawyer Can Help Reduce Your Stress and Worry

Being charged with a crime can be draining and stressful. If you represent yourself, your stress levels are likely to be increased. A criminal lawyer will help reduce your stress levels by taking on the responsibility of handling your criminal case. You will not have to worry about drafting court documents, analysing evidence, or speaking to the prosecution. These tasks will be performed by your lawyer- a professional at what they do.

6. A Criminal Lawyer Can Help Negotiate Charges And Reduce The Penalty

Not everyone charged with a criminal offence goes to trial. Some persons decide to plead guilty, and this can be for a variety of reasons. Criminal Lawyers are in the best position to advise clients on what they can do to help reduce the penalty the court gives them. For example, when charged with a drug offence, a lawyer may tell you to complete a drug related course or undergo drug testing.

Sometimes, criminal lawyers will negotiate with the prosecution about the charges or the facts which constitute the charges. A reduction in charges or a change in charges can make a big difference to the penalty. Likewise, a change in facts can make a big difference in the penalty imposed by the court. If you represent yourself, you might miss the opportunity for negotiation and a potential reduction in penalty.

7. A Criminal Lawyer Can Save You Time and Money

Time is one of the most precious things we have. You can always make more money, but you cannot make more time. Once you have lost time, you can never get it back. If you represent yourself, you will do everything. Your time will be tied up going to your court appearances, reviewing the brief and speaking to the prosecution. This time will take you away from your work and your family. If you are found guilty of a criminal offence and sent to prison, consider how much you could have earned if you were not convicted. Criminal Lawyers know the process and can expedite it so you can return to your life before being charged. Don’t make the mistake of trying to represent yourself to save some money, because in the long run, it is a false economy.


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